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Blaze Tournament Teams

2019 Spring/Summer 10U-B and 12U-B Tryouts

Tryouts for the 12U-B and 10U-B teams will be held on Saturday, December 8th from 9am-11am. Registration and check-in for all players will happen on Field 3. In the event of rain, an alternate location and/or date will be announced as soon as possible.

Tryouts for the 10U-B Select team is opened to all 10U AGSA recreational season players for the 2019 season. The 12U-B team is open to all, as this team will not be playing recreation league this year. Players who plan to try out should pre-register for the tryout here.

Manager selection for both teams is in process and will be announced prior to tryouts at the beginning of December. If you are interested in managing or being part of the 10U or 12U Blaze coaching staff, please contact the AGSA Board for additional information.

What are the fees for this program?
The fees for the Spring season will be $250-350 for the 10U, and $400-$500 for the 12U-B. Final fees will depend on number of players and the type of gear selected. This fee includes uniforms, bat bags, tournament entry fees for the Spring tournaments, insurance, and team equipment. Summer fees for players who continue to play into the summer will be an additional $250-300 to cover costs of the additional tournaments and field fees. Costs can be offset by team fundraising.

What about playing in the Fall tournament season? 
We expect that most players who play for the spring and summer will also continue to play in the fall as the Blaze teams have historically done. More to come about the fall season once tryouts and teams are formed.

About Blaze

Blaze is the AGSA competitive tournament softball travel program.  Teams are selected through tryouts by the managers for the 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U age divisions.  The Alameda Blaze tournament teams provide opportunities for more competitive play for girls in these divisions during the summer and fall.  Girls must tryout and be selected by the coaches.  Rules, such as minimum playing time, free substitution and continuous batting, are not used.  Interested girls should look for information about team tryouts in March -- watch for announcements on the AGSA home page and Facebook for tryout dates.  Questions on the Blaze program?  Contact Sharon Perkins, Blaze Director at

The AGSA would like to thank our AMAZING BLAZE sponsors! Click here to see all the great businesses and individual supporting Alameda girls softball!

2019 Blaze Program Update

As registration is underway for the 2019 recreational league spring season, we want to share that in addition to our goal of growing the AGSA recreational program participation, we are also looking to grow our competitive tournament team program - Blaze.  We want to communicate our plan earlier on so families are aware of what’s coming and the opportunities to play competitive tournament softball next year in Alameda with AGSA.

Based on the direction of USA Softball rules and to keep in line with other leagues and their competitive team programs, each year we look at ways to improve our Blaze program in order to provide more opportunity for girls to play competitive tournament softball in Alameda.  In 2018, we took the first steps by adding a 12U-B Spring Blaze team and had two 8U summer/fall teams.  For 2019, we plan to further evolve the program based on the feedback and interest in Blaze.

AGSA has long wanted to offer two tournament teams for each age division, and we are working to try and make this happen in 2019.  The final make-up of teams we are able to field will depend on the number of interested players at each level, but our goal for the 2019 season is to host the following teams representing Alameda Blaze.  More information on the teams will come as we get closer to the respective tryout dates.

12U-B Team
This team will be a Blaze only tournament team - the players who make this team will not play on a recreational league team. This team will play in 4-5 tournaments throughout the spring, most likely beginning in March, and into the summer season. The team will continue into the fall season. This team will hold tryouts in December, and form the beginning of January.  

12U-C Team 
This team will consist of players who will play in our recreational league, but also have an interest and the skill to play tournament level softball. Tryouts for this team will happen the last weekend in April, and the team will play tournaments throughout the summer and continue into the fall season.

10U-B Team
This team will consist of players who will play in the recreational league, and additionally, the team will play a short tournament schedule in the Spring.  This team will hold tryouts in December, and form the beginning of January.  The team will play 2-3 tournaments in the spring, and continue together through the summer and continue into the fall season.

10U-C Team
This team will consist of players who will play in the recreational league, and have the skill and interest to play on a Blaze team for the summer and fall. Tryouts for this team will happen the last weekend in April, and the team will play tournaments throughout the summer and continue into the fall season.

2 - 8U-C Teams
These two teams will consist of players who play for our recreational league and have the skill and or development potential to play at the tournament level. Teams will be broken down by skill level. Tryouts for these teams will happen the last weekend in April.  The teams will play in the summer and likely continue into the fall season.

Tryouts for the spring/summer teams for 10U and 12U will be the weekend of December 8 - exact date/times will be announced shortly.

For more information about AGSA's competitive softball program, please see the Blaze page on our website.  If you have any questions about these teams, or our Blaze program in general, please contact Sharon Perkins, Blaze Director, at

More About Travel Softball

Traveling softball is known to have a higher level of competitiveness than recreational softball. A lot of players considering to make the jump to traveling ball should be made aware of the following:

  • Traveling ball is significantly more expensive than recreational. It can incur costs from higher level coaching, more practice time, and travel expenses.
  • There is no guarantee of playing time. The best players play.
  • There is an increased chance for high-level development. Players looking to play in college and beyond should seriously consider joining a traveling team
  • You will be required to try out and will be placed on a team according to ability.
  • Rules are generally more closely related to high school or college softball.