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2019 Open Board Positions

We need more help on the Board – there are several positions open for Board member seats and coordinator roles.  Many of these roles could be shared with 1-2 others.  

Coordinator roles, e.g., Closing Ceremonies Coordinator, are focused on one activity/event for the league and typically do not require regular attendance at the monthly Board meetings.  A critical need we have right now is for a Sponsorship Chair as that work for the season will begin shortly.  Also, this season we are looking to implement a new role of Commissioner who will run player evaluations and drafts – this would be for an individual(s) who is not a coach.  

Please consider helping to keep the league running strong and to improve and grow what we already offer!  

Email the AGSA Board or see our list of board members and contact them directly for more information on open roles.

About Board & Volunteer Roles

 Volunteer positions do not require membership on the Board or attendance at the meetings and may be limited to one season.  Volunteer positions are designated for help with specific events/tasks as noted in the title, e.g., picture day coordinator.  And, any one of those could be done by one person or a group working together on a small "committee".  

The Board positions are participatory Board member roles and require attendance at monthly meetings where key decisions are made. We prefer long-term commitments for  Board members  planning and coordinating takes place in the 'off-season'.  Volunteer roles are for the duration of the season or specific events during the season. We need YOU to keep AGSA going strong and continue to grow the program for Alameda girls!