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Volunteer Roles Open

Below is a list of the open roles which include the volunteer positions for this season and also a couple key Board positions.  Volunteer positions do not require membership on the Board or attendance at the meetings and could be limited to one season.  Volunteer positions are designated for help with specific events/tasks as noted in the title, e.g., picture day coordinator.  And, any one of those could be done by one person or a group working together on a small "committee".  

The Board positions are participatory Board member roles and would need attendance at the monthly meetings these are key roles where we currently have a gap and are looking for longer term committed volunteers to help develop these areas while in this role.  Many of these roles are for a short duration and will not require a lot of time overall during the season, so please consider helping out to keep AGSA going strong and continue to grow the program for Alameda girls!   

2018 Needs

Board Position
Player Development

Communications Director
Includes owning communications plan, website and social media with help from Social Media Coordinator.

Work with Communication Director to ensure AGSA website is up to date

4th of July Parade Coordinator

Closing Ceremonies Coordinator
Manage the program and be sure we have PA system, speakers, etc.